Your health is important to us, so is the well-being of the planet. We searched the world for the most delicious, premium spring water and the newest eco-friendly BPA-free packaging to bring you Icebox, your daily solution for healthy hydration. Both you and the earth can now refresh, naturally.

Our mission is to help people and the planet Refresh Naturally through creating innovative, premium, earth-friendly lifestyle products that support the health of all.

Icebox Water is the solution to plastic pollution with its BPA-free packaging that gives you delicious, premium Canadian spring water packaged at source.

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Around the world, people are looking for ethical solutions to address their daily needs for fresh water. Come to our site to learn more, get updates, and stay connected.

Gluten Free NYC

New Year’s Goals Made Easy with Icebox Water

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"As a firefighter, water is my most important tool, not just to put out the fire, but also to keep me hydrated. I recently was given a few boxes of Icebox Water from a co-worker to fill up my camelback that I carry on me at all times at a fire scene. Most of the […]"

Mike Hughes, Firefighter, Painted Cave Fire Dept.

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