Here is what our customers are saying about us


I just discovered Icebox Water! I’ve been so upset about bottling water in California and you guys came along with this. It’s beautiful! Thank you so much.

- Janet
Californian Conservationist

I love the convenience and low environmental impact of Icebox Water. When backpacking, I enjoy having the option of removing the spout and letting the carton decompose, if my pack is too full.

- Sean M.
Retail Salesman and Outdoors Enthusiast

As an outdoors enthusiast, I care deeply about the environment and what goes in my body. I was absolutely thrilled to find Icebox so I can enjoy incredible spring water and help preserve the places in which we play! Thank you Icebox for all you do to help promote healthy living that’s good for us and our planet!

- A.S.

I applaud the design of this new product, this is a step in the right direction toward cleaning up our oceans. Every company in the world should be taking responsibility for our planet.

- Philippe Carillo
Producer/Director of Inside the Garbage of the World

Having spent over 10 years researching the effects of plastics in our oceans, with the majority coming from discarded plastic water bottles, I was impressed by the quality of IceBox Water’s innovative packaging and premium Canadian water. This company is making a difference and truly offers a solution to this problem.

- Dr. Andrea Neal, PhD.
Founder Blue Ocean Sciences